The Four Hacks That Will Get You the Best Online Deals

Best Online Deals

With online shopping, you don’t have to wait in long ques to wait for your turn to use the changing room, or having to go through dozens of clothes to find your right size or to wade through multiple shoppers. Online shopping also helps you to avoid the numerous tricks that store owners use to get you to spend more money. Below are some of the hacks which you can use while shopping online which will get you the best deals.

Bookmark your favourite brands

If you are a brand loyalist, it would be advisable for you to bookmark all the brands which you love as you might get the best deals, there. At times manufacturers print out coupons to help them drive out traffic.

Clearing your browser

Vendors are most likely to offer discounts as incentives to new clients as a way of closing the deal. You can create a separate profile for shopping to fool the vendors and make them think that you are a new customer each time you shop online. Also if you don’t want to create a profile for shopping you can clear your browser and choose a browser to use that is specifically for online shopping. For example, if you use Firefox, you can choose to use Chrome for your shopping shenanigans. The trick here is to always clear or delete the cookies each time you browse or after online shopping.

Make use of Twitter

In most cases, online sales usually happen unannounced. If you are a twitter fan, its recommended to open a different twitter account which you will be using to follow deal hounds and savvy bloggers. The bloggers usually use tweets to inform followers if there are new deals. You can use that advantage and know if there are deals which are happening. Watch and take note of the time they tweet about the latest deals. Also if you don’t mind about your feed having numerous shopping deals, you can still use your normal twitter account.

Stop using your online shopping cart

Store vendors know that there is a possibility of you making a purchase when they see items in your online cart. This will entice stores to give you an attractive deal, and you will most likely receive a promo or coupon in your inbox for you to make the purchase.


Online retailers usually have tricks which they use to make you purchase items. You can avoid these tricks by using the above hacks.


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